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Let us create a custom mobile app to grow your restaurant’s revenue & maximize profit! A mobile app will increase visits, sales, and customer engagement! Your app will contain tons of useful features that include a digital menu, mobile ordering & reservations, push notifications, and so much more!

Audio & Video

Highlight your restaurant’s unique ambiance, special events, and even showcase customer highlights & reviews. Videos give patrons a behind the scenes look at your restaurant and builds community & excitement.

In-App Ordering & Reservations

We make it easy to sell within your app. Your customers will love having easy access to pickup orders, reservations, merch and more! We integrate with Shopify, DoorDash and OpenTable, just to name a few.

Push Notifications

Build community and drive engagement by using your restaurant mobile app to promote entertainment, happy hours, and much more!


Build community and drive engagement by using your restaurant mobile app to promote entertainment, happy hours, and much more!

Social Sharing

Your custom mobile app will be optimized to easily share your content throughout the social sphere. With just a click of a button, your fans will be able to share your content to their social media accounts making your potential reach limitless!

Geofencing & Beacons

The latest in location based marketing. Send strategic marketing to your mobile app users within a defined area. Alert patrons to specials and events before they even step in the door! Your restaurant mobile app can be enabled to detect nearby users and share current promotions as they walk by your location.


Track your mobile app downloads by platform, see exactly what information your customers are viewing the most and where they’re viewing it from. Our platform integrates directly with Google Analytics!

App Landing Page

We also provide you with a custom app landing web page that allows you to easily promote your app on your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, or wherever you choose. Your audience can share it too!

Amplifi® Admin

The Amplifi® Admin is an easy to use content management system built for real people. We make managing your app a breeze. Edit content, upload images, send push notifications and more.

Our Team Is Here To Help

Our team of experts will bring your mobile app to life! From app development and design to marketing – we know digital.

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Full Feature List

One simple platform. Lots of features.


  • Watch full-length video
  • Seek/fast-forward/rewind
  • Display artwork
  • Optimized for WiFi, 3G + 4G LTE
  • Optimized for iOS, Android + Windows Phone
  • Apple-approved video encoding
  • Vimeo compatible
  • Live-streaming integration
  • AirPlay + Apple TV integration


  • Present full-length audio files
  • Place-holding with smart-resume
  • Background audio for multitasking
  • Integrates with native OS-level controls
  • Audio downloads
  • Offline listening
  • Seek/fast-forward/rewind
  • Optimized for Apple and Android -approved headsets, remotes, docks
  • Displays artwork
  • Music player with album playlists
  • Live-streaming integration
  • AirPlay + Apple TV integration

Amplifi Admin and Dashboard

  • Robust CMS (Content Management System)
  • Real-time content control
  • Customizable layout and features
  • Instant Cross-Platform Content Updates
  • Custom-branded app icons
  • Custom-branded app launch screen
  • Custom color bars to match your brand
  • Customizable app navigation menu bar
  • Customizable navigation icons
  • Analytics for downloads, launches + impressions.
  • Full integration with Google Analytics
  • Cloud hosting

Shopping, Orders & Donations

  • Shopping and in-app orders
  • Accept donations
  • Native integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, and more
  • Fast, in your app
  • Cards: Starting at 2.3% + .30/transaction
  • ACH: 1%
  • Recurring + one-time options


  • Enter dates, times, locations and details for your events
  • Include audio and video
  • Links to your existing event registration
  • Integration with ticket services such as Eventbrite, TicketFly and more

Social Sharing and Promotion

  • Twitter sharing
  • Facebook sharing
  • Email sharing
  • App promotion web page
  • Custom app promotional video available

Push Notifications

  • Easy-to-use notification Dashboard
  • Group/Segmented Notifications
  • Attach content to notifications
  • Schedule notifications

Made For Phones and Tablets

  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • iPad
  • iPad mini
  • Android Phone
  • Android Tablet
  • Windows Phone

Support and Customer Care

  • App Specialist phone + email support
  • Dallas-based team
  • Team of experts available for platform consulting
  • Platform documentation
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Troubleshooting

Platform Service and Support

  • Bug fixes
  • OS updates
  • App updates
  • Feature upgrades and new features added
  • Continual platform improvement
  • App submission and maintenance (Apple iTunes App Store, Google Play for Android, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Appstore)

Infrastructure Built to Scale

  • Multiple server clusters across the US
  • World class global CDN
  • Built to scale – currently handling millions of user and billions of page views and media streaming across the globe
  • Load-balanced and distributed computing & systems
  • Premium media hosting and delivery
  • Ready to expand storage and bandwidth at a moment’s notice to meet your needs


  • Pro API integration with your existing CMS
  • Web links
  • Incorporate compatible services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Soundcloud, Eventbrite, OpenTable, Fellowship One, and more!

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