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    Our mobile app platform helps businesses and brands drive engagement and increase revenue.

Welcome To Code Assassins

We are a global digital marketing agency that specializes in disruptive mobile app development. We don’t just build mobile apps and leave you to figure it out. Our team of digital geniuses works with your brand to create mobile marketing strategies that are guaranteed to grow your audience and increase revenue.

Apps For Every Industry.

What better way to connect with your customer than with exclusive content? No matter your industry, a mobile app will connect with your following. From music and podcasts to videos and interactive tutorials, allow us to create customized content through our mobile app platform to maximize revenue.

Bands, Artists & DJ’s

Distribute your content while selling merch and event tickets right from within your own mobile app! Use analytics to create a customized experience for your fans.


A digital menu will give your customers the ultimate experience. Place orders for pickup, send push notifications and show rich content for each dish! Let your chef tell his story.


Engage your customers with exclusive content that will drive retention and grow your base. Our beaconing and geofencing features let you know when users are nearby!


Spread your message and engage with your congregation. Our app features make fundraising and processing donations easy.


Conferences, retreats, municipal-level events and more! Give your attendees one place to find everything about your event. Sell tickets and merch while delivering exclusive content.


Health, legal, real estate and more. Engage clients, build relationships and increase repeat business. Sell services directly within your mobile app!

Our Process

We have app delivery down to a science.


Every project begins with alignment. We take time to identify and discuss your goals. After a clear understanding and firm handshake, we get to work executing your vision.


This is where we create your app, setup and configure a hosting environment and create any assets (custom skins, app store images, launch screens, etc.)


Once your app ships, the real work begins. Our hosting & support plans will ensure your app’s performance. We can also help with marketing and overall digital strategy.

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Hosting & Support

The real work begins when your app ships. Our hosting and support plans will keep your app running in tip-top shape. We’re your app team.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team will keep a watchful eye on your mobile app 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, with our proprietary monitoring services that ensure peak performance.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an industry leading cloud platform that allows us to build, deploy and manage your mobile apps for scale, performance and security.


Our team monitors your mobile app 24/7 to ensure smooth operation. We regularly upgrade our platform for optimal performance.

App Upgrades

App crashes and OS upgrades are the last thing you need to worry about. Our support team handles all of that for you. Best of all, your app gets upgraded when we make stability improvements to our platform.

Analytics Support

Every month, we dig through your analytics and give you a specially prepared report based on our findings.


Mobile Trends

We are your eyes and ears for major changes in the mobile ecosystem. We brief you on advancements and changes to keep you ahead of the curve.

Development Partners

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies and technologies in the mobile space.

Mobile App Marketing

Creative mobile app marketing solutions to extend your brand and create revenue.


Our creative marketing solutions integrate all areas of digital. We’ll ensure that you have every edge to extend your brand through mobile.


Social. Influencers. Ads. SEO. Proven digital strategies that work. Our growth hacking experts will crush your expectations.


We dig through the numbers to find every opportunity. We’re fanatical about A/B testing and conversion optimization.

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