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Welcome To Code Assassins

We build native iOS and Android mobile applications utilizing our proprietary Amplifi App Platform™. The Amplifi App Platform™ is a mobile app development framework and content management system. Amplifi enables us to build custom apps faster and cheaper, while letting you control your content.

Amplifi App Platform™

The Amplifi App Platform is kinda like WordPress for apps: Skins. Control your own content. A reliable, core codebase that we work tirelessly to improve and fortify.

Brands and businesses all face the same dilemma: engaging users to drive revenue. Marketing via social media can be unpredictable and tedious. In today’s media landscape, mobile apps provide the ultimate advantage but custom app development is expensive and time consuming.

The Amplifi App Platform™ is designed to facilitate engagement. Stop pushing your valuable content to social media for free. Use social to drive users to your own app!

Amplifi eliminates the risks of traditional custom development: finding a developer, managing the process…and all of the time and expense. We can build your app in days, not months.

Amplifi is perfect for:

Bands, Artists & DJ’s

Battling social media algorithms and ever-changing policies for exposure? Distribute content and sell merch and event tickets right from within your own app!


Stop wasting your marketing budgets on digital marketing with low ROI. Create a dedicated experience for your audience. Amplifi lets you drive engagement without sharing the spotlight.


Extend your brick-and-mortar locations with the power of mobile. Engaging your customers with exclusive content will drive retention and grow your base. Our beaconing and geofencing features will give you the ultimate edge!


Spread your message and engage with your congregation. Amplifi makes it easy to send push notifications and updates. Our cart functionality will help with fundraising and processing donations.


Conferences, retreats, municipal-level events and more! Amplifi gives your audience one place to find everything about your event. Sell tickets and merch while delivering exclusive content.


Health, legal, real estate and more. Don’t sacrifice your professional image with a crappy website. Amplifi will help engage clients, building relationships and increasing repeat business. Offer your services directly with our shopping cart!


Content is king. What better way to drive engagement than with exclusive content? Music, podcasts, videos, interviews, tutorials. Don’t give your content away on social media when you can monetize it with Amplifi! Our theory is simple: utilize social media to drive users to your app where you control the experience and have full access to the analytics.


We allow you to fully control your app’s content via the Amplifi Admin. Send push notifications. Target beacons and geofences. Coupled with our powerful analytics, you have a full suite of tools at your disposal to drive engagement.


Amplifi gives you full access to user analytics. Every video view, every button tap…everything. Uncover trends and understand demographics. Measure and boost your engagement.

Exquisite & Flexible

Amplifi comes feature packed with all of the tools to captivate your audience.

Amplifi Admin

Fully control your content. Send push notifications. View user information. Control your app’s experience with the Amplifi Admin.

Push Notifications

Have an upcoming event? New mixtape or album? Big sale this weekend? Send push notifications in seconds from the Amplifi Admin.


Get the word out about your upcoming events! Sell tickets and feature content, all with social sharing integrated.

Geofencing & Beaconing

Target geofences and beacons with content and offers. All fully configured in the Amplifi Admin.

Sell Merch

Generate revenue with our shopping cart tools. We feature Shopify™ integration along with simpler options featuring Stripe™.

Media Streaming

Stream media within your app via low-cost HLS. All fully integrated with analytics and managed via the Amplifi Admin.

Social Sharing

Full integration with Twitter and Facebook. Let users promote your app and content.


We integrate nicely with Google Analytics. View everything about your app usage.

"Mobile app development is my passion. I created the Amplifi App Platform™ to help artists, brands and businesses harness the power of mobile without the usual pitfalls and cost of custom development"
Daniel MarklandCode Assassins - Owner & Founder
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Our Process

We have app delivery down to a science.


Every project begins with alignment. We take time to identify and discuss your goals. After a clear understanding and firm handshake, we get to work executing your vision.


This is where we create your app, setup and configure a hosting environment and create any assets (custom skins, app store images, launch screens, etc.)


Once your app ships, the real work begins. Our hosting & support plans will ensure your app’s performance. We can also help with marketing and overall digital strategy.

Development Partners

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies and technologies in the mobile space.

Hosting & Support

The real work begins when your app ships. Our hosting and support plans will keep your app running in tip-top shape. We’re your app team.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team will keep a watchful eye on your app 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, with our proprietary monitoring services that ensure your mobile app will always be performing at its peak.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an industry leading infrastructure and platform cloud provider. Azure lets us build, deploy and manage your apps for scale, performance and security.


Our team monitors your app backend 24/7. We respond to any spikes in usage and make sure everything runs smoothly. We are also constantly improving the Amplifi framework for performance and scalability.

App Upgrades

App crashes and OS upgrades are the last thing you need to worry about. Our support team handles all of that for you. Best of all, your app gets upgraded when we make stability improvements to the core Amplifi framework.

Analytics Support

Every one of our hosting and support plans provides analytics support. Every month, we look at your analytics and give you a specially prepared report based on our findings.

Mobile Trends

We are your eyes and ears for major changes in the mobile ecosystem. We brief you on advancements and changes to tools and devices to keep you ahead of the curve.

Need more info? We can help.


Along with Amplifi, we can help you in other areas of mobility.


We are experts in mobile trends and the convergence of mobile, IoT, social, cloud and analytics to create solutions that actively helps improve efficiency.


We are mobile app specialists with the ability to traverse the entire tech stack. Front end, back end…we can help.


Our team specializes in mobile marketing, growth hacking, tech startups and launching new brands, maximizing budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions

I already have a website and a great social media following. Why do I need an app?

An app, especially one built on top of Amplifi, will let you take your engagement with that following to the next level. Would you rather be on the computer in the office or in your audience’s pocket?

How long does a typical implmentation take?

Our typical turnaround time on a standard app build is 7-10 days. Customized skins/themes usually take about 3-4 weeks.

What is an App Store approval? How long does it take?

The Apple App Store requires every app to go through an inspection process to ensure the app meets their guidelines and does not contain malicious code. The submission process usually takes about 7-10 days. Rejections start the process over again.

What is your tech stack?

We love this one. For starters, we use Xamarin for all mobile development. Yeah, we’re awesome at native development but Xamarin lets us share about 85% of the code between the iOS and Android versions of Amplifi. The backend for Amplifi is a Node.js app sitting on top of MongoDB all hosted in Azure.

What is the difference between native and hybrid apps? Why should I care?

Native apps are created using the platform development kits (SDK). This means that on iOS, you’re writing either Objective C or Swift in Xcode or Java with Android Studio in the case of Android. Using the platform SDK’s, you have full control over the end devices. One of the caveats of native development is that it’s expensive and time consuming. Code cannot be shared between platforms. On the other hand, hybrid apps are native shells that run a web site within them. Hybrids are easy to develop and maintain but have limited access to the device functionality.

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